Tiksowoods Company Limited

We always strive to perform at the highest standards possible. We are convinced that quality, innovation and service are cornerstones that guide our culture while building our legacy.

Tiksowoods Company Limited supplies a range of high quality products whose demand is always on the rise. Started in the year 2016 and incorporated in the year 2018, Tiksowoods company limited is at the forefront in the treatment and supply of poles, construction and hardware supplies, office supplies and other assorted general merchandise.

Tiksowoods high level of vertical integration allows it to exercise total quality control over every single step in the treatment of poles and supply process enabling it to apply its own accreditation the Tiksowoods Quality standard

Core Competence

Tiksowoods Company Limited utilizes in-house technical expertise to acquire the most advanced products with an innate understanding of all aspects of the latest technology.
Testing & Validation: Tiksowoods company limited laboratories has the capability to test and perform in-house product validation based on Customers specification

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